Is there any that will help with face fat

havnt got lots of face fat but getting rid of it will sure help is there any ones that will help me with this

somone here said that the fields cause them to gain weight now i think about it it might be true

Use fat to stem cells targeted to face and neck from sapien medicine . :slightly_smiling_face:. I think Maitreya fields doesn’t have any fields specially for that.

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Try Moza morph’s perfectly defined face subliminal


Do you recommend her channel? All her subs say one listen you get results.

Yup, you can check out her channel, and as far as title is concerned most sub channels use exaggerated titles such as “get immediate results/strongest sub ever/get results in 1 listen”, so you can just ignore such claims and try some of her subs.

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i dont use sapien medicine he uses black magic and he said himself

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does that work i used it for like a week and i think it might clash with my other subs
have u gotten results with moza morph?

Bruh😂, can you show me where did Sapien say that he uses black magic?

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Didn’t you see any changes during the one week time period?

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no did u? and i will link the black magic thing now

This is not true, not even close.


The greek god beauty contains a field for face fat reduction

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Yup, it did work for me, I noticed slight reduction in facial fat and where’s the link to the black magic thing?

on his pateron he says he uses and also says he creates them with “psychic work”
lies about where he is from

i cant find another post that i wanted to show u but to this it seems like he uses sigil if this is not fishy i dont know what is i reallly want to listen to him but black magic is a big sin in my religion

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Psychic means created with the mind - it’s a fancy term to say the power of thought. Psychic does not automatically mean evil, and whoever told you this was only focusing on one side of the story. You can use psychic mechanisms to heal just as readily as you can use them to hurt - every mechanism of action works this way.

This is the nature of duality. You can have positive and negative thoughts, same as you can have white and black magick, same as you can have good and evil, same as you can have light and dark, same as you can have sickness and health…There are always two sides.

If you focus on fear, you deal only in the possibility of bad potentials, and the best you can do is try to preventing them from happening. But, you cannot experience good potentials in a fear state - you have to focus on love for that.

Sapien is a healer who has repeatedly proven himself trustworthy by multitudes of people from all religions and walks of life. It’s up to you to choose to remain shut down and closed off by fear, or to open up and to expand in love.


Building on my previous post, I’ll add this:

Sigils are a delivery mechanism for energy. The person who programs them chooses whether they deliver positive or negative energies.

You cannot pass judgment on someone for the tools the use, you have to understand the intent with which they use them to know whether they are good or bad.

Just because someone chooses to send a bomb in the mail doesn’t mean the postal service is evil and anyone who uses the mail is damned. Also, a blade can be used by a murderer to kill, or can be used by a surgeon to heal - blades are not evil, murderers are.

Make sense?


I respect your point and understand what you mean and you helped me understand but its a big sin for me even if SM uses it for good it still against my religion but oh well at least he helped other people.

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SM uses pure, positive energy which he draws from a pure and positive source as too are able to draw energy from nature, sky, seas, earth, and many other is available everywhere in the universe, you just have to exploit it, a bit like the image of natural resources such as petroleum, precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) .it is perfectly normal to use its energy resources present in the universe, because this is how the universe works (Nothing is lost and nothing is created, but everything transforms, everything is energy in different state / density).

You know, the exact same thing is done by growing vegetables in agricultural fields, taking a life form from the earth for your good / Interest.SM and the other manufacturers are doing the same to help us, but with the energy available in abundance in the universe.


did u get results with here?