Mandala printing question

Is it really worth printing colored mandalas? I decided to do the test, and felt really powerful effects, it made me believe that mandalas are really much stronger printed, but it was also the first time I printed this mandala so I’m not sure, I know Maitreya says color is better, but I would also like to know each one’s experience. Have you taken the test? Between a colored and colorless mandala? I could just print everything instead of being in this dilemma, but color prints really are absurd where I live, and I still need to make a lot of prints, I also want to laminate the mandalas so this will definitely be expensive, I’d like to avoid it if I could, but if I really help I will.


Camping here and eager for opinions too, because I don’t have easy access to colour printing so I’ve been printing them all in black & white.


The energy will be the same whether in color or in black & white.


I invested a while back in a Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro, after a local shop really screwed a printing order…it prints and laminates images, color prints are really nice. To me, I seem to be able to connect into DM’s more, at a higher intensity…


I just purchased this exact device thanks to you! My only concern is that some mandalas are a rectangular shape rather than square. How is this going to look being printed as a 3x3 photo? I’ve been told it has to keep aspect ratio, just wondering if this would have an effect. I’ll likely return the device if the mandalas that aren’t square won’t work. Thanks!
@NotFrank Care to weigh in?

You can use an app like one mentioned in the below link to generate square pic.

Also refer to the mandala pictures which is made square using this app…

Hope it helps!

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The solution, the answer: THE FIELD EMITTER



Wouldn’t that be considered changing the aspect ratio?

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Aspect ratio of the mandala remains same!

It is just that we are fitting the whole mandala within a square!!

@Vega you may please correct /confirm…


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Yes, the method you have chosen works perfectly well, since the original image remains intact within the center. Well done.


Perfect solution!

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