Making Mandalas Bigger

Hi, if I vectorize these Mandala images, would they still hold the charge/whatever the ingredient is?

Vectors basically allow you to change size of the image without losing quality, but it first needs to be created or converted to such. Therefore I am worried how would using a tool like Inkscape work for keeping the ‘magic’ alive.

I want myself that Luck mandala on a 32x28 and in my work room. Tbh, that image fits anywhere.

Edit: With 300 dpi for good printing quality, that’s 9600x8400px image required.

You can resize the image this way and the mandala will continue to perform well when displayed, as the energy is programmed into the shapes of the design.Just be careful to keep the same proportions (ratios) between length and width for each image.In other words, if you do not lengthen or reduce the length by the same coefficient as the width, in the end you will not have a larger or smaller image, but you will have another image that looks slightly like the starting image (the mandala), and there will be no more energy available / or properly programmed.

PS: You can learn more in the threads on mandalas, or in the thread of questions :upside_down_face::smiling_face:


I got the gist. Thank you.

You mean the proportions for the shape then, right? Because the image can then be ratio’d however I chose and as long or wide as I need, as long as the shape is in the middle of the new image in a correct proportion to the original size image shape.

Not trying to be a smartass, just writing this out so that I understand correctly, but also other people then can read this.

If the original size is 626x626, I can make it into 8400x8400 px and put it in the middle of 9600x8400px image and the rest 600px to the each side are just extra filler to cover the size of the canvas/print.


yes that is exactly it and it is correct.