How to resize the mandala right

How to use Canva to resize a mandala without messing with the proportion? I’ve been trying to resize it, but it goes like 500 pixels height and 125 width. I want to resize the “Revision: Full Restart” mandala, to carry it in my pocket or in my wallet. But everytime I go to print it, it’s either too big, or they print it smaller,but some of the things are gone from that mandala, like some stars etc, it loses quality. Or if you know any better application and a tutorial, let me know. Also sorry if I didn’t post in right category.

Try selecting printer settings that allow 6 or 8 sheets to fit on an A4-sized paper.
This way, you can print the mandala without losing quality, altering the dimensions, or using any additional tools or software.

I see A4 on the paper size, and it says 8.27 x 11.69 on my printer settings. What do you mean by allowing 6 or 8 sheets to fit on a A4 paper? I don’t see that on my printer settings?

Oh, I see. Thanks for posting this video. So are you saying just print the dm on different pages instead of resizing it or just resize it on microsoft word by printing different pages of it?

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If you’d like, you can resize the image in Word while preserving the proportions. It’s quite simple to do. However, I preferred to copy eight distinct mandalas into Word and print them on a single sheet instead.

Now i use Field emitter and Mandala manager

So when you resize in word, it preserves the proportions but when you do that in other photo editors, it might not preserve the proportions? But if you use the field emitter, don’t you need the mandala manager?

There are hundreds of foto editors
Some of them allow you to keep proportion

No, you don’t
But I love both of them
and use separately

Sorry I asked the wrong question. When you use the field emitter and the Manager, so does that mean you don’t print it out on paper? You said now I use the emitter and manager, so I wanted to know what you mean by that?

In case of Mandala manager and Field emitter you don’t need to print it out
Please read description of how they work

Oh so you’re saying the emitter and manager doesn’t need to be printed out?

Please read description of how they work

Please read description of how they work

Okay, I will. Thank you.

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