Lyrics / Movies Protection Field

The human brain works with different brain waves, depending on what state we are and what tasks we perform during this time. When we listen to music or watch movies, our brain slows down its brain waves and this gives easy access to the human subconscious. Have you ever liked music because of the rhythm it has, but the lyrics do not match your inner worldview? Constantly listening to this typeof music and watching movies that are full of violence and other Hollywood subconscious messages … can easily be programmed into your subconscious. This audio comes to the rescue with this problem.

Audio is programmed to detect and block the entry of messages into the subconscious coming from music and movies for 12 hours. If you use affirmations/subliminal audios to program the mind during this time it will also not work.


Pretty interesting stuff.
I think this great for news too.
Most are bad, murders , pandemic, economic problems, poverty etc.


Will add this specifically also.


Good thing I do not watch TV or even movies any longer lol.
BTW I would steer clear of the Mainstream News anyway but for those that do watch it this field would help.


Also add games, social medias,websites, goverment frequencies etc
In simple words, program it in a way that will protect from hetarosuggestion…it’s the suggestion that comes into our consciousness from outside…could be people, internet, media, ET, beings and etc…
It should make us immune to outside influence and will only work for things we consciously desire…like fields, audios and subliminal…and should make immune to ANY negativity even if we are not aware of it…it will be best this way…


How might this fare against divine shielding?

Me too. I stopped a while ago.
Celebrities and mainstream media… the real cancer.

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They make you waste time and energy.
They’re not worthy.

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Most of them yes. Hard to tell who are the good guys these days. If I do watch anything on my TV it is comedy for sure.


Thank you! Can you also make one version that lasts for a couple hours only please?

I also listen to subliminals during the day and night. Thanks for everything you :blush:.

I can tell you if you get ahold of you intent you can deactivate the field at will. If can be made it can be unmade!

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@Maitreya could be a command to restrict the blockage time?
For example Block subconciouss while watching the movie… name.

That would be good if you just want a blockage for a short time.


@NotFrank Is the intention repeater gonna be ineffective after using this field?

The repeater works on a very different level. After working with it and asking a few questions I do not think this field will effect the work of the servitor. Still wait for @NotFrank to respond he is a bit more seasoned.

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This is the key here:

The Intention Repeater is not a tool for making affirmation/subliminal audio messages. Instead, it’s a tool that converts your statements into energetic programming. Based on this understanding, I see no potential for conflict.

But, if this protection field were ever changed to also block out energy work or fields, that’d be a different story.





12 hours is a long time and doesn’t leave me with much time for anything else since I run subliminals.

Also, will this affect the energetic field converter? So I can listen to my subs and other things without interference if I play that as well?

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Also, does this block the subconscious reprogrammer field?

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@Maitreya What Beltloop said.

And can you make the effects shorter like 3 hours?


Yeah, or a command to active or deactivate as we please.