The Field Emiter(half hazard)

So, may i get an explanation as to why w ALL the most popular blockage removers and fat burn/ glow up subs i look no better than i did two years ago. I download ALL the best and most used subs and fields for hair regrowth and lean benefits but the only thing i get are the personality upgrades and some luck. Im strong and resilient now but still look like a former goalie for some hockey team. Ex backstreet boy (minus the slim cut and hairline) is not what going for so why after monthssss i have nothing astheticly to brag about. How can i show up w o glow up??

Btw, Greek god beauty has zero effect on me and ive had the upgraded version (plus bulk formula) for months and months…?

Subliminals can be dangerous. They might install things you don’t want to have in your mind. It is better to create your own and control what you add to it.

If you don’t have physical benefits from using fields but you have experienced personality changes, this is the right order. Everything starts in your mind. Fields send information to your subconscious. Then, this needs to move to your conscious part. If you have blockages, they must be removed first before you will notice any physical change.

Quiet often, the root of our blockages is in our childhood or even more back in time (ancestral).

Higher Self might want different things than this, and also stop results because you need to learn something that is for your highest good.


What fields would you personally recommend for this purpose?

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I would meditate with this mandala for the best results.

This is a great tool to remove everything that blocks you. I suggest diving deep into the root. I tested it when I was in the middle of a painful event. Literally, it stopped me crying.

The strongest one: