Hypno session + DM's stack

I have hypno-session audios and want to use them with DM’s stack but want to be sure that doing right.

So here is my DM’s stack

Is it the right solution? Especially interest about DM: The Field Optimizer which is optimized DM’s as I think. But there is mention audio’s, so it’s ok for subliminal audio’s, or it’s only for energetic?

If I use this DM’s stack and place hypno-session audios into Field Emitter + Field Optimizer then as I suppose it will work automatically on me even if they are subliminal audios, right?


I need @JAAJ I’ve never thought about combining energetic field super booster with subs (I’ve just never seen it) wow that looks amazing lmao

I have isochronic subs on my emitter and have noticed faster results, but be sure to monitor the frequency/effects you feel when adding each individual sub. I would add one at a time and wait a few hours because some I preferred to listen to on my own/just felt weird (before energy protections DM)


I have hypno-session audios from trusted Russian guys, and they have a lot of positive effects with a lot of testimonials on forum. But it’s hard to listen to them all once at a time. So wanna use this DM’s stack within those audios. Use this DM: Energy Balancer

Hope @Maitreya can comment this question too.

I think field converter will make those sublim audios as energetic fields and then two other DM’s can emit power and optimize it. Hope it’s right suggestion.

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I have many hypno-sessions mp3 and they work well.
Combined with Maitreya it could be an interesting powerful mix.

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I can confirm 150% that this works for me. I am quite sensitive and know exactly what the subs I tested were supposed to accomplish - this is far stronger and quicker than my previous methods. Incredibly easy to feel the energetical shifts when I add/remove certain subs as well. This truly converts the subs to energetical fields and boosts them exponentially, as it says it does.

I am blown away, but grateful I didn’t discover this earlier or I wouldn’t be able to compare and tell you the booster makes a huge difference.


So if I got it right, then this DM’s stack with hypno audios are the best solution for me. Cheers.

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@JAAJ Yes, they are of subliminal type. Do I need to create a folder and place all DM’s stack+audios? Or enough to place all of them directly on flash drive?

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