How to practice self love?

Hi, I have recently started my self love journey and i an firm about taking a dive deep and doing this real well, but where do i start of, what is the most basic stuff, do yall have some practical tips and do yall mind sharing how yall practice self love?


Self-love is largely built by serving others, being kind to others, and helping others. This can be within your family, at work, or on the street. The satisfaction with oneself in 90% of cases comes from the person you’ve built yourself to be internally. The remaining 10% comes from working on not having unrealistic expectations of yourself, not feeling guilty for not being “enough,” and so on.

There are no perfect people. If there are those who present themselves as such, keep in mind that this is a facade. They often hide a lot of insecurity within themselves. They may not feel good but portray a different image to the outside world. This is especially noticeable on social media with influencers and other prominent figures.

Society has tried hard to implant unrealistic standards that make people feel bad about themselves. Add to this the competition that starts in school with the grades children receive, and the picture becomes rather bleak.

Turn the question “How can I love myself more?” into a constructive and rewarding inner journey.

Don’t judge yourself and don’t set huge, unrealistic expectations for yourself. This by no means implies that you shouldn’t strive for improvement, advancement, or even perfection. However, have the courage to pat yourself on the back for what you’ve already achieved. Recognize how far you’ve come and be honest with yourself about what you still need to work on. Approach all of this with a sense of calm, acceptance, and neutrality. The fewer emotions you invest in inner work, the clearer you can see things as they truly are.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t pay attention to what’s being posted on social media or what society demands for you to earn a badge of “Valuable, Worthy,” etc. Follow your own progress and set your own pace.

Read, read a lot. It can be argued that reading is one of the most beneficial activities for building everything - the mind, thinking patterns, ideas, and even your self-esteem. Set small tasks for yourself to accomplish every day and feel content upon their completion.

Add to your routine the cultivation of a different quality or virtue each month. For example, this month you could focus on “Kindness.” Take every opportunity to practice it. Not only will it improve your relationships with everyone, but you’ll also feel content with yourself. This shifts your focus from your inner world, particularly its negative aspects, to the external world. Instead of thinking “How can I love myself more? How can I be more?”, you already feel “more” because you did one good deed today.

Try practicing this for 1 month and you will see significant results. You can also get assistance from related videos on YouTube.


Thousands of years ago in Egypt, when societies were more strict, it was believed that a person became an adult or came of age when they began to be useful to others. This contrasts with our society, which determines adulthood based on the number of years one has spent on Earth.


Thanks for the reply , i had no idea that serving others could play such a big role in self love


There is something about self-esteem that is another expression for self-love by Jordan Peterson: