How to execute a gumroad search on Android phone?

The following has been bugging me for a while:

I’m not able to use the search function on gumroad with my android phone. When I enter a search word, there’s no “enter” key to execute the search. There’s only the “next” key to the following fields. Then at the end of the editable fields, it just stops there. Can someone give me a tip on executing a search on gumroad?

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Unfortunatly Gumroad is slow. Try from the laptop, but it needs a bit of time to charge the other field’s images. And the research bar doesn’t work everyday. It’s for this reason that I prefer the store.

He could also just use “Desktop site” mode on the mobile web browser if he either doesn’t have access to a PC at the time or has a specific reason he wants to purchase/download on mobile.

Yes, it works on a PC 'cause I can press the enter key once I key in the search field.

Using the “Desktop Site” on the phone doesn’t help. There’s no “execute” button on the phone.

looks like gumroad issue on phone browsers, tried other creator and search something, same issue

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It works on chrome but not on other modified chromium browser. Which one are you using?

I’m using Kiwi Browser as it supports extensions. I’ll try it on chrome. Thank you!

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work on chrome either. If it works for you, what android keyboard are you using?

Gumroad is making some changes and updates on their website and has some bugs and it got slower than before.

It seems I had an older version of chrome. Now after updating to the latest the gumroad search is not working. The solution is to downgrade your version.