How should I observe the belief system

How should I observe the belief system. Ancestors and family, learned in the past, even in past lives, or learned from some other person or spirit.

We usually realize we have such disfunctional beliefs when we have a problem in our lives, usually relationship problem, or money issued, success issues, sexual issues…When you have a certain belief like ‘my partner wants to abuse me/use me/will behave badly towards me’ or ‘one can’t get rich in an honest manner’, ‘you only succeed if your parents are rich’, etc then ask yourself-'where did I hear that or observed that first? Than you may realize your grandparents or parents were saying or doing those things, so you became accustomed to them and accepted them as the norm. And then you are free to change your belief system how you like it to be.


I saw a video that said. As long as I am aware of faith, I am not affected. But I feel there is still a need for revision.
Based on what you said, and based on my experience. I think it’s harder to discover beliefs than to modify them. Even some beliefs cannot be expressed in words.
In addition, I find that energy states have an effect on beliefs.

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Yes, it may be hard to discover a belief or even consider that this is not the norm and the only universal truth. I think traveling helps with seeing that people and their views can be so different that you start doubting your own belief system, and that’s a good thing.

That’s a good idea. To see different world.

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