Home Ornaments

Hi guys. We have made a new design for the fields of the Christmas ornaments. Those are not a specific holyday related so it’s appropriate to have them in your home all year round.

Also we have the two most requested fields from the ornaments-Alcohol Detox and Clearing of Entities from Your Home available as digital mandalas on Etsy.


Can we order the remove entity ornament for someone else?

The digital mandala works only for owner but the ornament everywhere in a 15 meter radius?

Or also owner only?

@Genius @Maitreya is it ok if I hang all ornaments together - the negative entity, remove negative energy, positive vibes and abundance ones? They dont clash with each other right? I am currently hanging them all on my refrigerator door using magnets.

Are the etsy items much stronger than the Home series mandalas?

since home.mandalas range is 50M and etsy is 15M , i wonder if the energy from etsy items are more concentrated

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For owner and in his house. So, if someone else in the house have this problem, it will be cleared.

They don’t clash.’


New ones are made in a different way, with new energies and have more concentration in them.


Thats digital mandala ?

Ornaments description doesnt mention works only for owner so can we buy the ornament and leave it somewhere that isnt home and it removes entities in 15m radius?

Or is it both works only for buyer and home?

Yes, when you buy it let us know the name of the person who will be using it in their home and it will be programmed for them.

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@Maitreya @Vega @Genius love the home ornaments. Also appreciate they are affordable. I also gifted a few to family.

Any more ornaments coming up?

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Do you have a specific field in mind that you’d like to have made as an ornament?@lucas

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  • Divine Invocation, with perhaps an enhancement to affect both the home as well as people living in the home
  • An ornament with some sort of shield for the home and its residents.
  • An ornament to promote body and mind healing for the residents

The issue would be consent of all who live there. Thanks for the suggestions though, will think about it.


Well, speaking to the issue of consent of all who live there, this is what I did. As man of the house, I set the rules for my home & all who live in it. So, for the remove entities mandala, I said it will remove all entities according to such and such criteria, and it was so.

It actually made the mandala much more effective, because it removed any doubt as to whether or not the effects of the mandala applied to the various entities (dark ones in particular love to find ways to distort things so they are unaffected). It was my space, and I set the rules for my space, and there was no avoiding those rules.

But, for the mandalas I put in my father & mother’s house, I could not set any rules. It was their space, not mine. So, I had to interact with my father to get him to decide how his home would be affected by the environmental mandalas I placed within it. Since my father is a pretty unaware human, I did this with his spirit which worked just fine.

So, consent is given by the residents of each of these houses by their continuing to live there. It’s the rules of the house which they choose to live in. This system works for me, but may not work well for those who are not the chief authority where they live.

However, the mandalas could be programmed to seek the approval of the chief authority’s spirit for whatever environment they are placed in - just had that thought & it could work very well.


Now that I think of it

Why have protection in something that protects against negative entities?


Wouldnt it be more “spiritual” if it worked for everyone ?

Then we can put it in the houses of our family and friends etc.

I cant go to every family member and say

“here you have to press buy on etsy, with your finger”

Family member : “What? why? what is this witchcraft?!”


Feels “off” putting protection in something thats supposed to help against evil.

And yes I did buy it actually.

But I want it to work for others also, like family members.

Or even go to animal shelters and secretly put it there

or parks (lots of entities at night in parks)

Maybe can be upgraded to protect and remove entities in a 15m radius wherever it is placed?

Instead of owner specific.


All items for the house are made to work for people who enter the house - family members, if guests come, pets if you have any. Maybe there is some misconception about the home series.


Yes but it only works if someone bought the mandala in the first place right?

My point is remove the protection so we can also place it in places where its needed or just general protection in random places.

Like if I place it in my grandparents house and they didnt buy it it wont work.


Will fix this in a few minutes.



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Sorry for the third edit. My mistake. The truth is in the middle. Got confused here.

The situation is a follows-you can gift and use entity removal and unconditional love ornaments as this is only ones allowed to be used without permission on other people. The rest you need to get permission for. Sorry if you are disappointing, but those are some rules for good karma :slight_smile:


I meant digital mandala.

Its in the description that it works only for the one that bought it.

Kinda weird having protection in something that protects against evil.

(and yes I did buy it lol, just sayin)

Then more people can use it, even spread it randomly in bars and clubs and other entity infested places that should be burned down but whatever.