Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster/Amplifier vs Affirmations & Frequency to Morphic Field Converter

if only sapien med had an equivalent product…

Which is truly the best affirmation to morphic field converter online?
My experience with MEF Dynamics version is that nearly every time without fail my third eye does a split second vibrate whenever I play his regardless of earphones or not. It pretty much zaps away any hunger I have. I played it overnight once on phone speakers with a wake up in the void state sub and I to this day I had the sole occurrence of an angel number (111) ever in my dreams.

Did get some results with it but I dont really have enough experience playing it nakedly as I always had his infinite field booster, a 432 hz pure tone, and extra strength concordia booster running in the background alongside my subliminals. So obviously it did help but i’m unsure how much work it did alone.

With Maitreya’s I formally played theirs alone right before subs but when I played it simultaneously, I felt the effects of it. I played it alongside extra strength concordia booster and it was very intense. I ended up being fatigued and in nap now mode. Would also fall into trances The sight of orbs increased also. I could have 4k eyes open visualizations with this combo but man was it a lot to handle. All this happened in less than 10 minutes of playing them. Never got that same intense effect (only a lighter version of it) with MEF Dynamics’ fields. Literally everytime without fail when I play Maitreya’s and go to sleep alongside my desired subs, I get nightmares. Once was an intense semi conscious sleep paralysis.

I dont feel any noticeable energy from Maitreya’s converter itself for whatever reason.

The latter feels like it’s a different frequency outside of 440 hz.MEF’s is definetely tuned to 440 hz by youtube. I get the feeling Maitreya’s is tuned outside of that in a special frequency I’m just not sure which one.

What do you guys think?

All our fields are made from the neutral energy of the Creator. They are not morphic fields.
I would be extremely cautious with subliminals. When you have a nightmare after work with subliminal, it might be something bad attached to it.
Eh, I could talk for hours and hours about all examples of how subliminals attached demons, curses, damaged subconscious and how many years it took for people to get back to normal. I was one of the naive, too. Just be careful.

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Thanks for the reply and I appreciate you for clearing up the difference.


What frequency or frequencies is the Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster/Amplifier you guys made in? I know from sound alone it’s clearly not 440 hz like 99.9% of subliminals and morphic fields are forcefully tuned to by youtube and whatnot. I’m curious if it’s some sacred tone like 432 hz or 1111 hz.

Whatever it is, It’s ridiculously powerful. It’s as if I can’t help but align to the vibrational frequency of my subliminal results when I play this simultaneously alongside it.

(I often think of zoo animals and the sun rising for a new day for some reason whenever I hear it)

I think, you might consider to read a little bit about what an energetically programmed field is. It’s not frequency music, and mandalas do not make any sound and have booster versions of programs. Of course we could have a debate about everything having frequency etc