What is your favorite Booster?

What is your Favorite Booster?
  • Quantum Booster
  • Field Converter + Super Booster
  • Booster + Blockage Remover

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It would be helpful if someone who have used these, could summarize the key difference between these boosters please? Thanks in advance.


Quantum Booster: Boosts pretty much anything. The audio is also “filled with unconditional love.” The audio will also “expand your auric field, so you can listen more and get faster results.”

Booster + Blockage Remover: Boosts fields, binaural beats, and affirmation audios. This audio also increases energy sensitivity. Removes subconscious negative blocks that stop people from getting results.

*I’m not subscribed to Maitreya’s patreon, so I can’t really give an accurate summary of the audio below
Field Converter + Super Booster: This audio turns affirmations into energy. The audio also helps boosts that energy so it can go into the subconscious easier or better


Quantum Booster

This audio is programmed to boost any frequency, energy video, subliminal, binaural beats, morphic fields, etc. Even if you use hypnosis at night with affirmations it will help you to get faster in your subconsciousness. The audio is filled with unconditional love and also expand your auric field so you can listen more and get faster results.

Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster/Amplifier

Energetic field converter for :

  • Subliminals/affirmations
  • Binaural beats
  • Isochronic tones
  • Frequencies

Added extra boost :

  • Powerful booster for infinitely faster, stronger, better and powerful results
  • Infinitely improved and increased results for simultaneous layered and bundles of Subs/Affs/Binaurals/Isochronic/Freq/Fields
  • Works infinitely better each time

Booster + Blockages Remover

This will work as a booster for every field, binaural beats, affirmation audios you are listening to and will increase their power, no matter the channel you choose to. We included boosting your energy sensitivity, so for example if you go to massage, reiki or something else to feel it right away. This has a NICE side effect - all people are energy so in your daily life you will feel more what other people feel and even if you have a soulmate, your connection will get better as you will have more sensitivity. We changed most of the blocks that stop peoples results so in 2-3 days you should start to feel all these effects super strongly!


Not sure which of these boost the field itself and which just boost energy system to make the fields more effective.

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I am curious what is the best combination of these boosters to make the fields more effective.

  • it’s better to play each of the boosters 2-3 times in a row at the beginning of the playlist?
  • or once before each field?
  • or simultaneously with another field at the same time in loop? If yes, which one?
  • or maybe another way?
  • which of the boosters boost the field itself, and which just boost energy system?

I have been listening to Booster + Removal blockages and Quatum Booster for a month, which should increase my sensitivity to energy and increase the power of the fields, but I completely feel nothing listening to the fields, and the effects are almost imperceptible. I added Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster / Amplifier but no changes. It’s very discouraging.

It would be very very helpful if people with experience shared their insights from using these boosters.


So far I have just used the converter.
I will try the other two.
Using more than one it looks like the best option.

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Also, for audios on Gumroad which are boosted - won’t one or more of the above boosters do the same with patreon/YT audios? Or is the boosting on gumroad different?

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Dear @Maitreya , can you please share your wisdom and best practices on these questions please? Thank you.

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