Energetic Field Converter + Super Booster/Amplifier (Patreon Exclusive)

Thank you Polaris! And for your view on the suggestions! Didn’t tought about that.

It’s only an example of the suggestions, it’s a net of complementary suggestiins, also protection from the creator, free of negativity and so on, but then the beliefs will bite each other.

I create my your own subliminals using this DM: Infinitely Repeater

I own this DM, do you want to share how your process for that is?

Here: DM: Infinitely Repeater - #170 by Polaris

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Can I get a clarification, I have audio files on my memory card that have only frequencies in them, would this mandala turn those frequencies into a morphic field and boost their effect?

You need the Field Emitter for that.

I don’t understand then what is the purpose of this field, is it like a booster?

As the name suggests, it is an Amplifier and Booster.

The name suggests it is a converter also which is why I’m confused, what is it converting if the field emitter is already converting everything into a field?

The Field Emitter have been released later than the booster. Field Converter allows you to listen to binaural beats without headphones (which is normally optimal way), for example.

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I see, thank you for the clarification. :pray: