Does the Quantum Booster mandala affect Sapien tags?

I read that it’s not good for tags by sapien to be boosted or they may weaken. I have all my mandalas and tags in a pouch in my pocket.


You’re mixing apples and oranges a bit here. I’m not sure what you heard, but when it comes to Sapien’s tools, the advice is to avoid using Sapien’s booster due to how it works.

It strengthens the field itself, and since all of Sapien’s currently available fields are very strong to begin with, you can go too far and end up with something that’s too strong for your system to handle and it’ll start causing you problems (like using too much weight at the gym before you’re ready for it).

Not all boosters work this way, but Sapien’s old one does. It was meant for a time years ago when Sapien was helping people to create their own fields. But since most people weren’t very good at it and created very weak fields, he made a field booster for people to use on their creations. It was never really meant to boost Sapien’s own fields - they don’t need it.

Alternatively, some boosters work to increase your ability to receive/integrate energies, which won’t affect your tags at all. It all depends on the booster you are using and how it is designed, so carefully read the descriptions & instructions.


Sapien tags don’t need boosting.

Did u tried that?. How do u feel now bro.

So even the audio boosts my sapien tags?

Is there no way to turn that off?

I basically have these with me 24/7

@Maitreya please confirm, do your booster affect sapien tag and mandala?
I mean it strengthen the tag and mandala itself (which is not good), or only help us integrate result faster (which is good), or both( not good )?
I have all of your booster mandala, Including field booster, quantum booster, subconscious matrix clearing, inner resistance disolver, limit breaker.

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It should work on all energy tools


That is my main question, i mean booster work on the result or it work on the field :laughing:

It increase field so results too


Is the audio and the mandala the same thing or different strengths?

the mandala will tend to be better as it works on you 24 hours a day, keeping it close to you.In terms of power I think the audio is the same as the mandala.


I have a IPF and Chakra tag.Both boosted 1x on the BOC booster(Book of Cards).8 months ago.Can wear both for days and not notice anything good or bad.I’m not more psychic nor had any chakra strobes yet.Everybody is a little different.(Unless you are an OM groupie THEN there is only one way!) :wink: