Do the trauma audio and mandala work for animals?

Can those be used for animals? If not, Maitreya pls make a trauma release mandala for animal so we can put the mandala on their neck. Thanks.

I often wonder about the energy I run whether or not my dogs are effected. What I can tell you is that I have a 15 yes old dog that acts like she is 5 lol. She is completely full of life and still runs around like she is young. I want to say that the energy does effect them on their level.


Thank you. But that’s in general as some biological functions may work in same or similar ways. But I am not sure about emotionally like trauma. Sapien has a trauma audio for animals. I was hoping something like mandala where we can hang on them.

I think that if the energy is not programmed to affect the animals the fields will not work, the maitreya fields I think they are programmed with the intention, and if that intention is not programmed to affect the animals or the plants for example, in that case they will not work, for that it would be necessary to create a specific field for animals as you say.

This is might be the case since when I program my codes the information is very specific to what I want to occur. I just thought about it more and since I do other work besides just using other creators tools this may be the reason my pets are so vibrant lol.


I too thought about this. A mandala for pets for trauma, to heal them of anything and keep them healthy. That would be really great.