DM: Warrior Presence

That’s fairly vague. I’ve seen that particular line manifest in a lot of different ways.


If your feminine is strong you can use it without losing it, but in the modern world with the feminist movement, many women activated a big part of their male energies and this makes them more struggle than benefit.

If you feel the goddess inside yourself and you don’t sense to give up this state in you, this mandala will benefit/upgrade you.


recently started reprinting mandalas and I put this one on my bedside and I cant feel that women like to be in my energy field and want me to talk to them. My will has increased im getting stronger on the horse stance and more self-discipline. thanks for tthe self-limiting belief remover


can anyone explain this?
would be nice also if theres an example

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Perception and realities of collective consciousness or other people which you absorb.
This way you are living your life ‘as it is accepted / or as expected and you are bound to reality which you are not creating, but instead - accepting and living by others’ perceptions/beliefs/energies.


DM: Warrior Presence + DM Archetype: The Warrior It is a good idea?

Can it cause problems if I wear both?

Or is it better to choose one?


The idea is good but I don’t know what effect you expect.

DM Warrior Archetype may change your behavior and the way you face problems and conflicts, but at the same time skyline your confidence

People may sense your belligerence and may be wary of you.

Warrior Archetype mandala increases the internal level of aggression, but this mandala can be good for developing certain qualities.

I stopped using it after three weeks of wearing, but I keep using DM Warrior Presence together with other male mandalas.


wanna share my expirince with this :

i bought it year ago
and i realize today that its still one of the best dms that i decide to buy

i am an empath and i found out that i needed everything that this dm offering
my nature is to flow and understande the bigger picture
and this dm just helping me to balance a over kindness that not nessicery
let me feel comforoble to respect my self and my wants more
and not being comfuse with “sharing realitys”
i bought many dms but this one is one of my favorites .


I received feedback about this field that someone was attacked on the street. Keep in mind that the archetype of a warrior can bring such results from people who sense fear and react with an attack. People living in dangerous cities should not use this mandala.

Naturally, the mandala has many other positives, but this is a “side effect” that can occur if a person uses such a field in an aggressive and unsafe environment. This effect is additionally amplified if the person wearing the mandala contains suppressed aggression on a conscious or subconscious level.

Keep this in mind.


Would a full integration of this lead to an increased difficulty in tapping into feminine energy?

It’s okay if women are comfortable around me sans getting attracted. Would this cause unnecessary female sexual attention/ demands?

Appropriate I don’t know if that’s the right word, what is appropriate for you? Anyway, we all have masculine and feminine energies within, if anyone wants to be more in tune with their warrior self, go ahead, Just think about the effects it could have on your life, and also because you would want to activate those energies, perhaps there are better ways or fields with which to achieve your goal.


Thank you for your reply, prompted me to clarify the appropriate part.

There are warrior goddesses in most traditions however I don’t see the warrior archetype mentioned for feminine energies. In my limited understanding of things, I have been unable to observe pure masculine and pure feminine energies in action and most folks seem to be modelling after a construct. Hence the mind’s need for clarification.

Thank you so much for this clarification. I live in a dangerous city myself. In places like this it happens that I have to scare people off to protect my family (e.g. people will look inside the house to see if they want to break in).
What field would you recommend to be intimidating to people that hold intentions to harm or take advantage of you and most importantly your family? From what I understand this one provoked a response from a violent person, but there is no need to intimidate the peaceful and the meek.

It would me my choice no1. It makes people really confused. That includes dating life as well, surprisingly. I noticed that if someone has bad intention it activates this shield even during chatting. Combined with Cosmic Shield from ‘In Your Favor’ it will keep the wrong people away.

I was thinking about this a lot. I love this subject. What are pure feminity and pure masculinity? When I shifted to a Goddess archetype (my born archetype was Warrior), I noticed that I expected men to protect me. I could do it by myself, as Goddess is full of power, 1000x more than when I was as a Warrior. So, for me, that was an interesting experience. Goddess in me decided to encourage men to be more aligned with their nature, I guess.
Fo me - Pure feminine energy is nurturing. Pure masculinity is protecting.
I did a survey with 20+ men, and I asked them, “If you have to choose one word for feminity and masculinity, what would that be?”.

Feminity: caring and nurturing, no other words.
For masculinity, I had protection, providing, self-control, and “I don’t know”


Thank you for your response. The views on masculine and feminine resonates with my lived experience. Another attribute that is confusing is movement and stillness which belong to different camps between the Chinese and Hindu traditions; a deeper understanding of elements and its energetic attribution muddles things further. All in all this is a tangled and thus interesting topic.


If a person is unaware that they are in an aggressive environment, would the optimizer automatically deactivate the warrior archetype for them?

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If this is for your highest good, then yes. They are events in our life that HS will allow so you can learn or understand something.


Could you clarify if you are referring to DM:warrior presence or DM:archetype:warrior? Additionally, if I wear the Warrior Mandala and also wear the Chameleon or Harmonia Sphere at the same time, can I avoid that risk?


Chameleon will react if you will trigger someone with your Warrior aura.
Keeping Harmonia Sphere sounds good.
The thing is that once your mindset has changed, it will become part of your being. You will challenge people. It’s natural reaction. Most people don’t even know that they are triggered.

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Would using this mandala + Field editor (disabling warrior mindset + radiate warrior energy) mitigate this?

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