DM: The Lover Archetype

DM: The Lover Archetype

Motto: you are the only one.
Basic desire: intimacy and experience.
Goal: to have a connection with the people, the work, and the environment he loves.
The biggest fear: to be alone, alienated, and unwanted.
Strategy: to become more attractive - physically and emotionally.
Weakness: desire to please, with the risk of losing identity.
Talent: passion, gratitude, commitment.

The lover is also: a partner, friend, intimate, enthusiast, sensitive, husband, infidel.


Hey @Maitreya something odd at Gumroad with this DM, it doesn’t allow for PayPal, I have bought a ton of DM’s paying with paypal. Today, I bought Raising Children Knowledge, Archetype Father & Shadow Integration all fine with PayPal, I bought them individually since, when I aded the lover to the cart, the PayPal option went away.

This is more of an FYI, and I will buy this later once I get money on my credit card. I just find PayPal very convenient as the money comes out of my bank account.