DM: Taaffeite Energy

Taaffeite Crystal Taaffeite is a mineral named after its discoverer Richard Taaffe who found the first sample in a jeweler’s shop in Ireland. It has been misidentified as spinel before its identification as a new type of mineral. It is one of the rarest gemstone minerals on earth. It has a high hardness about 8-8.5 Mohs scale. Its chemical formula is BeMgAl4O8. Nowadays it is used only on jewelry, is sought by rare stones collectors, and is more expensive than diamonds. Its metaphysical properties have been described as significant. The crystal activates the crown chakra. It brings peace and love and centers you helping you go deeper into meditation. Taaffeite energy has been experienced as opening new doors, increasing luck, and expanding future possibilities. It helps overcome adversities and interrupt the cycle of misfortune. It helps you change your mind and see things in a new way. It is said to help you achieve freedom.