Benitoite Gemstone Frequency

Known for the joyful and positive energies that they exude, Benitoite crystals work closely with a person’s third eye chakra to stimulate several untapped levels of one’s consciousness.

It is a relatively rare stone that will aid your journey of awakening as you endeavor to become more self-aware.

With remarkable implications for health, relationships, and the spirit, Benitoite will be highly beneficial for the home that it is kept in.
Therefore, its powers are known to expand one’s mind and activate all corners of one’s consciousness.

Due to its effects on the third eye chakra, you will find a boost in your psychic and intuitive abilities. The stone is also known to enable a person to develop their innate gift of mental telepathy.

If you meditate with Benitoite, its energies will aid with astral travel, guiding you closer to your guardian angels and synchronizing your inner energies with those in the divine realm.

So if you want to communicate with your angels or want to find out what message they’re trying to send your way, you can use the crystal to facilitate synchronistic events.

People who find themselves at a crossroads in life and can’t seem to figure out which road is best for them will benefit immensely with Benitoite because it will show you exactly what it is that you need to be aware of.
Since it works so closely with your personal energies, the crystal will open up the doors for your soul to go and explore places that need to be seen.
In addition to improving psychic communication, the stone will bring alignment between both hemispheres of your brain.

Goes without saying, this will allow for stability to settle in within your soul.
Once you find peace within yourself, you will experience new warrior energy that will beckon you to go out and seize the day.

Topics that you earlier wouldn’t discuss openly despite being troubled by them will now seem like an easy thing to talk about because you will find it easier to express your own thoughts more effectively.

How Will Benitoite Help You?
Using Benitoite will help you replenish a lot of the energy that you would otherwise lose throughout the day.
In addition to that, it will replace your existing energies with more blissful and happy vibes so that you can feel positive on the inside and in turn channel your happy emotions to those around you.
Since it works with the throat, crown, and third eye chakras, it is known to align the energies throughout your body and revitalize your mind. This makes it essential for a person’s vitality.

It will also clear all the confusions and concerns that you have in life, thus allowing you to prioritize things that are actually important.
In a way, the crystal will remove all toxicities from your life to make way for things and people that actually serve your higher purpose and take you closer to the goals that you have set in life.

You will also feel more empowered to speak the truth and recognize what it is that you truly want instead of believing the words of someone else.
Interestingly, the stone will make you more capable of facing and handling the truth, effectively bringing you out of your fear of finding out the reality of your life, regardless of how harsh it may be.

The stone also does wonders to bring a mental balance in your system, aligning all your energies with your physical being.
It will also stimulate creativity so you can expect to open your mind up to a lot of great new ideas when using Benitoite.

You will also share a stronger bond with the people you’re close with, so much so that you will develop a telepathic relation with them.
If you’re emotionally worn down or lack the physical energy to go about your day, you will be one of the best candidates to use Benitoite as its energies are focused on uplifting one’s feelings.

The stone will also make up for energy that is lost during recovery from an accident or an illness.

All in all, it will ensure that you don’t lack the energy that is needed to create the best life for yourself.


Hoaaaa… Gemstone. I like gemstone series because the benefits are so many. :heart:


Oh that’s nothing lol wait for a while and see

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Yeah, they are true gift.
Always taking in my pocket labradorite :smiley:


But would you need it later on :thinking:
Why carry one when you can carry all lol

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Yeah, can use the mandala and activate them in your pocket too. lol
But they are also lovable physical.


So you’re a person of fashion it seems lol

Benitoite price is $4,000 per carat!


Hahah, there is one “negative” effect in mandalas in my eyes.
This deprives you of a deeper connection with the physical world… and understanding more the spiritual realm.

For example… my labradorite gets very dark when something big in my life is going to happen or before psychic and other types of attacks, the stone is showing me that 2 weeks earlier. Using mandalas you will never know for that. Stones have their own consciousness and can show you many things. As everything else to which you connect.

It’s good for people to try to make these connections with the things that surround them and see how they act, what they can teach them, etc.


Yah that’s true. It’s not possible from mandala ofc
Every physical stuff has their uniqueness.

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Mama Maitreya, perhaps for the sake of all Universe, you can make Diamond… real Diamond gemstone Field so everyone can get the benefits.
It is the MOST expensive precious gemstone in the world and not all people can have it.


You didn’t read my previous comment carefully it seems :sunglasses:

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I think it would be better to transform coal into real diamond :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Now, that is idea! :rofl:


I don’t have to. You are not a field maker, Mr. Gumayusi. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ll see what I mean soon enough :wink:
And I’m sure you’ll come back to this thread that time lol

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Ok, whatever what you like or believe.


Maybe, you guys are both working together.

Cheers on that, man. Must be really cool to help making some great stuffs.


Lol @anon21115996 you are not a field creator. You have no say so hahahaha

Lmfao if people only knew


Am I missing something? There’s a mandala to access the energies of crystals?

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