DM: Subconscious Connector

I just saw your post and did the visualisation and installed that affirmation, and I also aksed my subconscious mind to delete everything on all levels of my being that opposes this belief. Now my forehead and third eye area is really on fire. Thank you @Maitreya


Haha, yes, sometimes it can have that effect, but it quickly passes.


Thank you so much @Maitreya , I have been reading this thread and the subconsciousness reprogrammer thread and it is a master class in affirmations. If you have time, please include affirmations for health, especially healing body parts/injuries .

Were you inputting commands to the Subconscious Connector while doing this? Or simply talking to your higher self?
I am also trying to heal, knowing the specifics of how you accomplished this would really help me.

SC works on concepts, too. I don’t use affirmations at all. I present the idea. There is no need to put any limitations on this field by using specific commands that do not come directly from you. You will have the best results by communicating with your submind in your own unique way. The more you use this, the stronger connection you have with yourself. You can install a new mindset just like that by saying who you want to be. Of course, it will take some time to adapt to changes and also active work. You, Submind and Higher Self working as a team, and there is nothing that could stop or limit you.

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I see. So if I understood you correctly I do not need to input specific affirmations like with programmer. I can talk to it colloquially after activating the mandala as in:

“Subconscious, please remove any beliefs that are hindering my healing and instruct my body to heal itself perfectly and properly”
“Subconscious, please remove any limiting beliefs associated with fields”

Is this right?

You need to use a specific command with Reprogrammer, while with Connector you can be more creative.

Sounds good to me. Speak to yourself in your own way. If you feel there is still something in it, try from different angle. Once you will learn how to communicate with your submind, you will get to the root faster. You can even ask to go deep down to the issue and clear wrong beliefs.

Some people can experience vivid dreams and they read symbols that appeared to predict some events in their life. This can be also helpful to understand your fears or desires. Sometimes dreams can be absolutely nonsense and yet give your information.


Thank you! I know enough to make my choice now (between this, reprogrammer, and SBC). Decisions, decisions… haha. I don’t know what I would do without you guys on the team. You are awesome!


Hello @Maitreya @Polaris and all others :slight_smile: have a nice Sunday!

Would you say that following statement will be succesful?

“Activate” “submind please revoke and clear absolute all vows and contracts related to poverty in this life and past lifes on all levels and use the energy of releasing vows and soulcontracts field to fullfill the task as fast as possible”(while listening to atomic tap and releasing vows…and eventually use infinetily repeater and comprehensive resistance dissolver at the same time)

I use the subconscious connector for almost 9 months now and don’t get or notice feedback from my submind. Because of that I’m asking🙈

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Try Atomic Tap and Realising Vows first and see how you feel. You can say that you would like to integrate with the SC field better. You can present a concept to your submind “I would like to understand messages better, so help me to create our unique language that will improve our communication”. The same goes with field integration, you can always ask your submind to assimilate changes. SC can improve a lot.



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Do you think the vows must be known?

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Your Higher Self will know, so you can ask your HS to find all of the contracts for you and revoke them while using the SC.


Ehm Polaris, i typed your text im my translator app to understand correctly. I have a question, do you mean wordly to integrate me in the sc field better or integrate the sc field better in me? I’m confused🙈 thank you again

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What language do you speak?

I’ll make it simple: "Please integrate this mandala with me so I can better understand my subconscious mind. " You can also use ‘synchronize’. The field is information/program, so you can use ‘download’.
"Download the understanding of my own subconscious mind so I can communicate better with myself."Or “Instal understanding of my submind”. Any word that will resonate with you. Just be careful. It might be super strong.
Endless possibilities with SC, so have fun and be creative. With time you will develop your own way, and this is the best way :slight_smile:


I speak german :slight_smile:

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Thank you, now it’s clearer than clear :sweat_smile:


I speak 3 languages but not German haha. Sorry I thought I could maybe help you there.

Clear limiting beliefs

Activate Subconscious Connector, close your eyes and allow your mind to wander. Don’t try to control your thoughts, just let whatever come to you. When there’s a thought which you want to release, imagine the thought coming out and far away from you until it vanishes. Keep going for as long as you want. Deactivate the mandala when you’re done.

Finding and clearing the root cause of a belief

Similar to the first method, but after activating, ask yourself a question on a topic you want to work on, such as “Why do I get sick easily?” and allow your mind to come up with as many reasons as it can until you get to what you feel is the root. Release that from your mind and let it vanish. Deactivate the mandala. I suggest working only on 1 issue at a time.