DM: Remove Pride

Pride is an emotion that can be both nurturing and poisonous. This field is created to remove the models and behaviors which are connected to the lower side of pride and transform them into good ones that are serving you, not sabotaging you.

“Generosity is giving more than you have, and pride is taking less than you need.” ― Kahlil Gibran

In modern psychology pride is split into two sides:

  1. Authentic pride – which is to be proud of what you have archived, to know who you are and to be in your place, to know your worth.
  2. Hubristic pride which goes to egocentrism and arrogance. In most cases, this is shown as aggressive behavior against others or yourself.

Buddhists encourage confidence and honesty with oneself. Pride is demeaning other people or feeling an aversion to others. Instead of nurturing self-growth, we compete and want to defeat others.

Being free from excessive pride will make your inner and outer world easy and fun to experience. It will lead to a more joyful and free life without criticism, anger, aggression.


This is unbelievably valuable. I would love to see more fields for dissolving the ego(s). it’s unfortunate lot of “spiritual” people covet powers but don’t realize the right way to get those powers is through purification- they automatically crystallize as the ego dies. Thank you @Maitreya!


Another gem

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