DM: Perfect Skin v2

Perfect Skin v2 instructs the body on how to fully regenerate and restore the skin to its perfect condition.

It aids the body’s healing processes and supports the body in removing spots, scars, lipomas, skin irregularities, and others.

It gives the body a vibration for cleansing the liver, the lymphatic and hormonal system, and for detoxification.


@Maitreya Please tell me, are there any results from Perfect Skin v2? So, there are no reviews either on the forum or on gumroad. There is no sound on YouTube either, so there is no way to check. At the same time, this is a strengthened formula v2.
And what is the best for very healthy skin and detox, Perfect Skin v2 or mandala No. 9 from the set “Book of Health - Blueprint System” (9. Blueprint of Integumentary system - skin, hair, nails)?
Or what is the difference here?
Thank you!


While Perfect Skin is designed for skin mostly,

this will also work on hair and nails.

Perfect skin with time would remove spots, scars, lipomas faster as the main focus is on perfecting your skin. Blueprint will start by balancing every part of the Integumentary system so this would be spread over time. Two different approaches but the final results will be well-balanced skin, so it’s up to you to decide.