DM: Osiris

Osiris is the Egyptian god of wisdom and right judgment. You can invoke his power to bring justice and find solutions in situations which appear impossible to solve.

Through Osiris’ powers you can achieve spiritual states that have been impossible beforehand. He is a powerful guide who can lead you through all dimensions of time and space and share his great wisdom with you. This energy will help you gain better understanding of high spiritual knowledge and help you to apply it correctly, with the right motivation.

Another magical skill is the metamorphosis or temporarily morphing into another person’s soul. This helps one to better understand the other’s perspective and achieve a fair and right judgment. His greatest power is the neutral state which is free from any conditioning and gives him the ability to see all points of view simultaneously.

Transcend the laws of the physical universe and find the answers you seek.


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This seems interesting, make me think is similar the one DM I know you, but without empath problems and much more things apart of getting info from people

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