DM: The Sage

This is in the vein of the Warrior Archetype. It’s along those lines. An archetypal personality.

Let me define it in three ways.

The Sage sees every action and behavior of any human as merely an acting out as though it were in a Shakespearean play, an acting out with the actor/actress revealing to the audience what they wish were true about themselves by the way they treat other people

The Sage sees every tragedy which has befallen him or her as a mere comedy acted out upon him or herself by beings eternal and beyond mortal understanding which are intended to reveal in a comical fashion which even a mortal could laugh at the shortcomings of the said mortal which must be acknowledged in order to enjoy deep and worthwhile longings

The sage feels that every desire he or she has to move towards or away from any given thing or circumstance is merely in truth a desire to move towards or away from a character trait or reality or behavioral pattern that is true about the Sage himself or herself.


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Dude. I mean Mam. This is great. Thank you.


It’s funny that she left that last line out. I channeled that whole request. Even the last line. But after I posted it I kept thinking that last line was probably just spoken only to me to stop me from trying to find more. And then it sounded kind of haughty when I posted it like I was saying it to others. Lol.


Interesting that topics have to be approved recently, I wasn’t aware of that. But only by the way.

That this mandala belongs to the archetype series is clear to me, which is not so clear to me what you can achieve with the mandala or what it should do if you should have it. :thinking:


Yeah. I literally have no idea. I’m not shitting you when I say it was channeled. Spirit guide guardian angel or something. I feel really good right now wearing it though. Like, happy. It’s much easier for me to laugh right now. I’m not laughing uncontrollably. I’m not even actually laughing, it just feels easier to access that.

I think it’s going to undo a certain mind trick that a certain type of person tends to play. That’s one thing.

I need some time with it to see how it works with people. I get the feeling this is like some kind of self help mode from another dimension. Like in a parallel world these are recognized tenets of wisdom and success but here it’s just like Huh?

I feel a mild euphoria with it now. Not normal for me at all. No substances involved.

I keep editing this because more is coming to me.

I realize part of this euphoria is the reversal of how I have viewed the “tragedies” of my past. I literally feel endorphins running through my head and arms. It’s gone from this constant low level background feeling of direness and loss to this. Not neutralized. Reversed.

It’s wild. Because I expected this one to be something I could hardly notice, not that stands out this strong.

That’s touches on a third of this field. I think I’ll have to wait and see what the other parts of it are like.

So I went outside. Encountered a couple of people and some animals. I live in a weird place. I normally feel at least a mild fear of people. But not this time. Felt happy to see them. Still too early to say much about this. But after tomorrow I should have plenty to add. I get lots of interaction on the job.

Saw this possum. Normally I think they are gross looking. They kind of freak me out. For some reason this time I felt like the possum was the cutest animal I had ever seen. I just watched it for a half minute. Normally they see me and run quickly away. It was maybe 15 feet away and could clearly see me but completely acted like I wasn’t there. For the first time in my life I saw a possum show no fear of human presence. It just slowly walked around like I was another possum or something.

Then I got kind of the same reaction from a couple of cats. Yes, this is all right outside my front door. Lol. They looked like they were about to make a dash for escape as is typical but then they just became calm and watched me.

I don’t know what this field is doing really but it’s interesting. I still feel almost high.


A quick update from my phone on my lunch break. Last night’s euphoria was an adjustment period from the paradigm shift regarding past tragedy.

I actually have a lot to say about this one even this early but it will have to wait for my keyboard.

For now I just want to add this. There is much more to this field than is stated in the 3 points. Those are just some hilights. Much the same I found to be true of Samurai DM. I kept noticing more to that field than was strictly covered in its description.

This is truly an Archetype of The Sage. It will take me some time to understand and break down how it differs from Jung’s mage.

If wisdom is what you are really after. This is it.

It came to my mind this morning and I had completely forgotten when making the request and even when purchasing that Michael Tsarion talks about the Sage and the Psychopath as two opposing Archetypes that have much in common as far having uncommon understanding about the world and people and yet are diametrically opposed in terms of the principles they live by and where they draw their strength from.

I’m beginning to think this field may encompass the things he had to say as well, just from my little bit of experience.

Aight. I have to go.


The viewing people’s motivations differently element has been working and has been very helpful. It helps me to get along better with people and makes it much harder for me to take offence or to take anything personally. I can still objectively view some behavior as indications of who to not necessarily not make friends with. So I haven’t become naïve.

The past bothers me much less. I’ve already touched on that above.

I’ve seen the self awareness aspect at work too and it has been helpful by means of not letting me buy too strongly into things that influence me, or things which are outside of me and seem to have strong sway over my emotions. I keep being aware that it is my inner desires that give them any power. Which gives a sense of personal power.

I’ve seen some Jedi elements in there as well. A little bit of “these are not the droids you are looking for” has been coming through for whatever reason. And then I also notice something zen-like at play. Like the Tibetan Monk is somewhat included within the Sage archetype.

I think I’ll leave it at that. The Sage influence is not one to overshare. And I don’t want people to think I’m talking this field up too much only because I requested it. And I know results will vary. I feel I’ve contributed enough to helping people know what they might expect with this one. But for the most part, I’d like others to find out for themselves and maybe even feel inclined to share some of their own findings.


Hello Atreides,
thank you for your description of what the mandala does or should do. For me, the third paragraph of the mandala description was a bit daunting because there are certain points in my life that I don’t necessarily want to be true as they are. That sparked a certain aversion to this mandala. Your first post in particular made me think about it again. And I decided to include the mandala in my collection. Especially since it is definitely a good addition to the Quit Mind - Epic Life Mandala.
I let myself be surprised what it triggers for me, although with all the mandalas and fields on the USB stick I can never say exactly what is coming from which field or audio. I envy all the others who can make significantly more specific statements.


You’re a walking magical tome! I’m lucky when I can find one or two things I can stick with for long.


Isn’t The Sage related to Magician archetype?

They have similarities but are two different archetypes :slight_smile: