DM: Microbiome

The human body is a home to a whole world of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, protozoa and viruses. This is the human microbiome. It is believed that the human microbiome consists of over 10 000 types of microorganisms carrying over 8 million unique genes.

The microorganisms live everywhere in our bodies-our digestive tract, saliva, skin, our lungs, on the conjunctiva in our eyes, but the largest amount lives in our intestines. Each population of microorganisms is different depending on where in the body it lives and they interact with each other in a mutually beneficial way.

The microbiome changes due to various external and internal factors such as change in the place of living, change in the diet, medication, alcohol consumption, stress, pollution, exercise, etc.

Our microbiome plays a key role in the following areas:

-It maintains correct bowel permeability and health

-the protective function of our skin.

-responsible for proper digestion and nutrient absorption

-produces short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate

-regulates the immune system

-influences our mental health by controlling our emotions and thoughts

-maintains our metabolic processes

-protects our bodies from infection by secreting bactericides

It is important to note that the bowel microbiome has a huge effect on our brain. Microbial metabolites have a big influence on our mood, behavior and directly on our neurons. Microbiome can direct our behavior and lead to conditions such as depression, apathy and anxiety.

This field has been designed to give you the energy of the best microbiome specifically for you, accounting for all factors, including your diet, your place of living, and the needs of your body.

It will remove emotional and mental blockages that attach you to your previous condition that has created an unhealthy environment in your body. It clears blockages and subconscious resistance to change and healing.

The field will remove attached entities that were attracted by the vibrations of the unhealthy state. It clears emotions and thought patterns that are encouraged and created by those entities to drain your energy and make you unwell, such as anger, sarcasm, irritability, confusion, brain fog, and other emotional conditions that feel enforced on you but nevertheless, you seem unable to shake them off and they influence your perception of reality and actions. By doing this, the field will unblock your path to healing as the presence and influence of such entities sometimes is the reason why one can’t improve their health.


Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Will this do anything to the bad microorganisms in the body?
Anyone with a review yet, seems interesting?

Restoring the correct microbiome balance in your body will automatically eliminate bad microbes, as your body will overtake them. A healthy body has so many self-defence systems to do that itself :slight_smile:


I used this in the past and it helped me.
I should use it again.
Gut bacteria between 90-95% of the serotonine of the body.

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wow i just know about this