DM: Gate Opener

Sometimes, people try very hard to break through, succeed, and make changes in certain areas of their lives. Every aspect of our lives, including each thought we emit, changes our lives and rearranges the entire universe.

However, sometimes we need a bit more luck, more opportunities, and someone to help us remove the energy blockages in our system or counter external forces trying to stop us from following our hearts. This field is designed to synchronize you with your environment and literally open doors—doing what is best for you and others, while clearing all obstacles.

The field will create a beneficial environment in your subconscious to help you:

  • Better see and find opportunities, allowing them to find you as well. These could be financial opportunities, personal relationships, friendships, experiences, and anything else you aspire to.

  • Remove from your subconscious any impediments to achieving your goals, such as foreign patterns from other people or the collective consciousness.

  • Attract the right people who are ready to assist you and offer beneficial collaboration.

If there is an area where you are unable to achieve the progress you desire, you can set an intention for the field to focus its energy on that area, opening doors and finding solutions, people, and opportunities to assist you.