DM: Clairsentience

Being clairsentient gives people crystal-clear access to feelings and energies — whether that relates to something happening right in front of them or something from another place or time. But having clairsentient abilities also implies that someone is accessing the information on a psychic level. So while empathy is the ability to share feelings with someone else and intuition is the ability to deduce something without logical reasoning, clairsentience takes things a step further: It’s about knowing and feeling things that haven’t otherwise been revealed to you, either consciously or unconsciously.

When you use this DM it will help you develop a better and deeper understanding and feeling of energies. It enables you to feel what is happening within yourself and others more clearly. It is also used in combination with DMs for contacting other dimensions for the purpose of improving the quality of the information you get.


Should pair well with DM: I Know You