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I Love Dr. Phyllis Light 's work, The Telepathic Healing and Light Realization Process are amazing and game changing, Lighthealing dot com is the site, I have almost all of the Rejuvenizer’s, variation on a theme of the Rejuv’s,from Dr. Light’s website, I’ve known her personally for 33 yrs now. I Love and Usr the Telsa Purple plates fro Ralph Strassberger’s work,who knew Tesla and worked with Mr.Nikola Tesla, as well. Natures Alternatives dot com is the site
Intrasound healing powder… raises the body’s abilities to heal it self… Have used it for 24 yrs now. Great for the Chakra’s too. Intrasound dot org
Multi-wave Oscillator, Rife Machine, Deep connected Circular Breathing, Dr Gayr Kesey’s Bioetheric Disc’s ( Key words in a search), Prayer,Meditation, Goodwill service to Others and More,much more
Love soundofstars dot org sound of stars special frequencies… I Have well over 100 hundred of Maitreya Fields Digital Energetic Mandalal’s, Love The Pendants too ,Gate of Abundance, Virtue Pendants, Drop Pendants and more…Indigo Mind Labs too!!