Christ Consciousness - Activate DNA Pendant

This field is designed to guide you into exploring the depths of your essence, helping you to rediscover your true self. It aims to unlock your inherent clairvoyant and telepathic abilities, which are your natural birthrights, in due course. The process includes activating the dormant multidimensional quantum aspects of your DNA, which hold immense strength and power.
The purpose of this field is to convey instructions to your physical, emotional, and mental bodies on how to harness and heal using your intrinsic abilities. It promises to alleviate various issues such as fears, mental struggles, and excess weight, leading them to dissolve and vanish. This journey is expected to culminate in achieving inner tranquility, balance, contentment, health, and resilience.
Additionally, it focuses on facilitating the opening of your third eye, along with activating the pineal gland, thymus, thyroid gland, and the multidimensional components of your DNA. Above all, the primary objective is to awaken the universal love within your heart, transcending all other pursuits. This awakening is said to elevate you beyond everyday consciousness to higher realms dominated by light, love, and joy.

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