Can the Send Unconditional Love field be used for someone who has passed on?

I just found out this morning that a friend of mine died last night, a hard death in a hospital, and I want them to know that I’m still thinking of them. I want them to be okay, wherever they are right now, and to feel comforted.



I am so sorry for what is happening, my sincere condolences.
I don’t know exactly what happens after a death for the person who is gone, but it seems that it is not necessarily the same for everyone.Some spirits can stay close to their loved ones for a while, and can sense the emotions of people who mourn them… .
You can play the unconditional love field, it won’t hurt, and This could possibly be of help.

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Since we can copy info from various beings who have already passed on (Nikola Tesla field for example), then it makes sense that we can also send info to those who have passed on.

I say, definitely do it, as it may help them cross over successfully.


Thanks, I’ll try it then.

Sorry for your loss. Yes, you can do that and you will help the spirit to don’t lose his way and find where to go (it will be like compass).


Is no more this video on yt? :frowning:

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Sorry for your loss mate

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Was a video “send unconditional love to who you think”, but not anymore


That can be downloaded for free from Gumroad


Will check thanks a lot❤️