Can I rename the audio after downloading?

can I rename the audio after downloading?

some audios stay with (1) (2)… (3)… because I download several times to add my playlist, does this interfere in the fields? or is the field connected only with sound?

No, do not change the filename from what I’ve been led to believe!

It depends…you can ask their creators for better understanding.

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That is not true.

We attach the fields to sounds, to pictures, to names and in YT to URL, so if someone is listening this music on other place to don’t have effects.

Imagine some woman to listen the music in other channel (we get royality free music for Youtube) and to receive the effects from God Series lmao. Will wonder why she is starting to get mustache. :joy:

We recommend names to don’t be changed, but we attach them to other things also, so they will work still if you already did changes.


lol. :joy:

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Hi @Maitreya, I hope you don’t mind two related questions.

  • One is the name of the physical file and the other is the tags/metadata. After I download the file, I always rename the physical files to capitalize the names, etc., and also sometimes add a (Gumroad) string to distinguish the files from Patreon ones. Also, I edit the Mp3 metadata to fix the Name, Artist, Album, etc.
  • Secondly, I also upload the files to Google Play Music (well, Youtube Music) - similar to iCloud - so that these MP3s can be streamed from the Youtube Cloud via the app, supported speakers, etc.

So, do any of these three - changing of names, metadata tags, and streaming from the cloud (iCloud, Youtube Music) - reduce the efficacy of the fields?


I do the same to separate the patreon files with gumroad.

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No problem with that.