Can clearing the subconscious have negative side effects?

I unfortunately still deal with some bad and harmful influences weather it’s schizophrenia or whatever but results must still happen regardless so despite the mental and emotional/spiritual influences I get here n there my subconscious seems to play that mega role all you friendly folk seem to offer but my thoughts are if there is a safe guard then maybe it’s for multiple reasons. Duality n such. The influences have gotten more sly lately so I’m not exactly sure what to make and how to take. Thanks as always!

Yes it can but only because of attachment.

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Mmmm what kind of attachment, sire? Like malevolent forces attachments or….

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Say for instance you Are attached to some belief. When you clear it you may have a reaction to it that may be negative. When I did my first round ever of subconscious clearing I felt as if I was losing my fricken mind!