Body Hair Removal

This field is mimicking diode laser frequency which will cause deactivation of hair follicles on the whole body except the face area. Field is made to give permanent results, but everyone is different and will have to be listened to different time.


been waiting for this from a creator for a while.

Thank you very much @Maitreya … I assume both Male and female can use it np?


It shouldn’t target hair or eyebrows isn’t it? Cuz it only mentions face lol but would be better if there’s a facial hair removal tho


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Will create another for face.


also I have a silly question but this includes the pubic area as well? :sweat_smile:



Thank you

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All, before you use it please be aware that deactivation of hair follicles = less pheromone production!


@Maitreya Please correct me if I am wrong. At least this statement is true when laser hair removal is applied.


thats a great question :slight_smile: @JAAJ

That’s right and also body will feel colder than before. Will add this to description.


As always you can intent where you want the body hair removal to be, but sooner or later it would start to work on the whole body? @Maitreya

If you put attention to it, it will work faster. Anyway it will work automatically on whole body,


In cold weather yes, but you’ll also feel warmer and more sweaty in hot weather because your body hair works as a wick to pull sweat away from your skin to make evaporation easier. Your body hair is actually quite useful.

If there were a way to convert body hair follicles from terminal hairs (thick, long, dark body hair) to vellus hairs (small, transparent, “peach fuzz” body hair), these benefits could be retained without the appearance of being covered in thick, dark hair.


Will make one more video for this.


Well dang I hastily bought this version on gumroad :sweat_smile: wouldve preferred the version that does the peach fuzz.

If this field is to mimic the process of laser hair removal, then hair might not be gone immediately. It will regrow thinner and thinner in each hair growth cycle, until all unwanted hairs are gone. The only problem is that this field is for whole body hair removal. Our body parts may have different hair thickness, so when the thickest hair is getting thinner, some body parts that have thin hair already won’t have hair at all at the end of the treatment.

Does this work like laser hair removal? I mean, do I need to be constantly shaving to get results? Or will the hair just fall out?

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Well, I can’t confirm that as I’ve had a few laser treatments and it’s really an expensive proposition. But the feeling that you feel colder as a result is more likely to differ from person to person. I hope that I can now save some money with the field. Since this procedure doesn’t last forever and has to be repeated every now and then. How often should you hear this to get results? It’s just a shame that it’s not a mandala.


Awesome! Would it be possible to make a male and female version of this since each gender has it’s own general problem areas where they want the hair to be gone?
For example:

  • Male version: Removes hair on the back, shoulders, neck and maybe a little bit on the upper arm but keeps all hair on the legs (Don’t know a lot of males who’d like smooth legs except competitive bodybuilders)
  • Female version: Removes hair on the legs, buttocks, armpits, and face (or you can do the whole body including face excluding eyebrows)

Maybe the pubic and buttock area could be universal for both genders

Just an idea, of course each individual has it’s own preferences regardless of gender.

Could we also request a customized version, for a higher price of course. I’d like laser hair removal for my back, shoulders and neck.