Blueprint of Health Emotional State / Energetically Programmed Audio

This field will give you the blueprint of a healthy emotional state and it will regenerate your emotional body completely.

It will remove all types of disturbing emotions, clear blockages, and release stuck energy from different parts of your body.

You will also receive around 20 different energies of positive emotions inside your cells: unconditional love, joy, acceptance, purity, gratitude, and others.


Great. I look forward to making it into a mandala. I just bought the virtual node pointbooster. I don’t know why I can’t download this mandala pictures. I’ll try again tomorrow

The mandala purchased during this discount has performed very well in every field. English is not my mother tongue. Please forgive my English
Thank you maitreya :heartpulse:


Did you fix this?
If not, send me email.

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Hello, maitreya I downloaded it successfully the next day. I really want to share with you that I used to have tinnitus caused by excessive wearing headphones to listen to music, which makes me very distressed and even produce anxiety and panic disorder. Some time ago, I bought the blueprint of auditory and visual health. I’ve been wearing it for about two weeks ,I found that my tinnitus has changed. The tinnitus sound seems to be weakened, not so noisy, very simple and even completely ignored It’s so happy for me to skip it. Now I’m looking forward to my necklace. It’s still on the road or at the customs. I can’t wait to take it
out in the sun And the Christmas pendant is great. When my wallet bulges again, I think I’ll have them I think I’ll have them
English is not my mother tongue. Please understand
:heart: Anyway, it’s great thank you maitreya much love :blush::sunny:


hey maitreya, can you delete my forum account please?

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