Best Field to gain lean muscle mass?

Seems like maitreya has a lot of bodybuilding/musclebuilding audios and i cant decide which one to pick lol.
Which Field could you guys recommend me for lean muscle mass gain maybe even fat loss inclusive?


Sapiens Ostarine and Maitreyas weight gainer is the simplest and in my opinion the most powerful combo.

Play Ostarine —> Workout like its nothing (go hard tho)

afterwards after workout muscle recovery

Weight gainer —-> Devour food like its your last meal for a month


Thank you appreciate it! Is there a field you use as PCT? Because as far as i know ostarine has slight surpression. And how often do you listen to Ostarine before hitting the gym?

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I dont think you need a pct for Ostarine.
Shouldnt cause hormonal imbalance.
But for general hormone imbalance Maitreyas one works good

Just once or twice is enough.

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Gotcha thank you!

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