Alexandrite Gemstone Frequency

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Why You Use Alexandrite?

One of the many reasons why you should use Alexandrite is that it is well-known to convey a balance between the spiritual world and the physical manifest world. This rare stone will open up your chakra (crown) and let you access the universe’s loving support as well as healing energy.
If you have excessive self-discipline, Alexandrite is the ideal stone for you. Additionally, it will always remind you what your purpose in life is and even how brief life is.
Another good characteristic of this stone is that it will encourage you to live your life with happy moments.
But if you are feeling desperate you can always count on this stone as it offers encouragement and hope. This will offer you strength and assist you in the path of light, happiness, and hope.
Apart from bringing happiness and joy, you can also use this as your source of happiness and joy within yourself.

For Health and Healing:

This stone can aid in the treatment of physical diseases. In fact, it is ideal for people who are mending from persistent disease or surgery.
Other than that, it also restores physical as well as internal energies.
Alexandrite improves blood circulation through firming up the blood vessels and cleansing the blood.
On the other hand, some crystal healers claim that this rare stone is beneficial in treating various conditions which affect the spleen and pancreas. In fact, it also helps in treating leukemia. Nonetheless, Alexandrite also helps in protein assimilation.

For Wealth:

Apart from its healing properties, it is also said that Alexandrite can bring abundance, prosperity, and good fortune and luck. This stone is also known as a positive sign.
Alexandrite symbolizes self-esteem and self-confidence. Thus if you have this stone you will surely have an optimistic and confident feeling regarding your prospects.
You can use this as your protective lure which will protect you from anything or anyone who wishes you misfortune or ill.

For Relationship and Love:

Alexandrite has the ability to encourage romance and love. It also invites joy and happiness to the owner’s life most especially for people who are so busy, jaded, or nervous by love.
This stone will have positive effects on your well-being. Aforementioned it promotes a strong feeling of confidence as well as better gratitude for the people around you, especially to your partner.
Nevertheless, Alexandrite can also help married people when it comes to the issues that will come in their way. More importantly, the stone will make their bond even stronger so that their relationship will last forever for a long time.


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