Beautiful Collection Of Mandela Art

Mandela art

Included: Cellphone/Laptop EMF Protection

Divine Protection from Negative Energy and Bad Entities / Mandala.

Maitreya’s Energetic Sensitivity

Maitreya’s Quantum Booster

Last But Not Least One To Provide Joy, Love, Abundance, New Opportunities. Also Will Fill All Your (Energetic And Physical) Bodies With Unconditional Love.

(:Disclaimer: In No Way The Individual Mandela’s Are Mine And I Am Not Trying To Gain Anything Besides Helping Others Out)
, However Yes I Did Put Then Into A Little Art Piece For You And Me To ENJOY :slight_smile: :kissing_closed_eyes:

I Am Planning On Taking This To A Shop To Make Into A Tapestry and Hang It On My Wall :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank You Maitreya And Anyone Else I Have Not Mentioned :heartbeat:

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It looks nice, but you should have kept the same proportions (ratios) between length and width for each image.

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I made all my mandalas small and print them into one horizontal long line, so I can stick it on the border of my workplace monitor screen, may I know if the sizes and colour distortion caused by printer would limit the effectiveness of mandalas? :pleading_face:

Exactly right because changing the image in this way breaks the link to the energy.

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Not to nitpick but it is not Mandela (as in Nelson Mandela) but Mandala.

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