Hey guys, I emailed Maitreya yesterday and she said most likely a beard will be released today!!! Can’t wait, it’s something we have all been waiting for!

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Some benefits

  • A beard can protect your face from the sun’s damaging rays. …
  • A beard can keep you warm in winter. …
  • A beard can ward off throat disease. …
  • A beard can assist those with asthma. …
  • A beard can reduce the chances of bacterial infection. …
  • Not shaving can clear up your schedule for more important things.

It will help to grow a long beard sort of like James Harden?

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Hopefully!! Let’s see when she uploads, she did say today if I gave her the description and benefits which I did @Maitreya

You don’t grow any beard?

Can grow some, under my neck and all that stuff, need my sideburns to fill in, this audio that Maitreya is uploading is supposed to convert all vellus peach fuzz to terminal beard hair and faster beard growth rate and much more

Well, when men get a field for the beard which is purely for cosmetic purposes. Because if all the medical benefits were really true, women would have beards and would need them more than men because they give life. So purely cosmetic.

Then I think that women should at least get a field for more beautiful and thicker eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Sure why not?!
All I know is that Maitreya (one of the most asked fields) is the beard growth field. And she did say she would upload it today but I never rush anyone or anything.

In few minutes will be ready. :slight_smile:


You really are a beautiful soul Maitreya :slight_smile: @Maitreya


You are a beautiful soul too. :heart: :grinning: