Woman beauty

Hi how is everybody doing ?
I’m new to Maitreya Fields and was wondering if you can suggest fields for female beauty ?
So far I’ve noted

Golden Face Ratio Woman
Youthful skin
Eyelashes and eyebrows

I saw the Greek body ones but I don’t want to have a muscular female body.

What about the Magnifcent Woman Radiance, or Attraction Bundle - do they enhance physical beauty or does it work on your aura only ?

Thanks would appreciate your thoughts


Radiance Woman description says it affects your outter world.
So at least people will percieve you pretty both inner and outter but I think it will make you physically attractive at some degree as well.


Sounds good :ok_hand:


Women in forum can suggest more audios for them. :slight_smile:
If there is additional information for the fields, would be great! :heart:


Yeah but they seem really quiet


Straight aligned teeth
Teeth whitening and plague removing
Hair loss treatment and thickness (thick hair is always preferred)
Skin whitening (if you prefer white skin)

Aesthetic Female Body/Female Muscle Growth Field/Greek Goddess
(These fields will not make you muscular but lose fat and have lean muscle. I use many automatic workout fields or muscular growth fields (suitable for females, of course), and I only see fat loss and muscle-maintaining, maybe growth in weak muscle (like my back) but never to the point of muscular. And in my view, a lean body is healthy and beauty. )

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Thank you :blush:

Yes, I can confirm that the bumpy fat around the muscles disappears even if you do almost no real sport. Due to lack of time or Corona.
Without having muscle wasting.

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