Aphrodite - Perfect Feminine Beauty Pendant

This field has been designed to connect you to the primordial feminine energy. It will give you the feeling of being beautiful and carrying the energy of beauty as well as the power and abundance that are inherent to a woman. It will give you the feeling of being a goddess. It will clear any insecurities and fears that prevent you from feeling beautiful, strong as a woman, secure and confident.

The field will release all fears connected to one having great beauty i.e. something bad might happen to her, that she might make a wrong choice of a partner, that she might be envied, that she would be viewed as a ‘piece of meat’, etc. It will remove all energies that make her conceal, suppress, damage, or hide her beauty out of fear or wrong belief, including collective misunderstanding of the feminine nature.

The field will clear all traumas and conflicts related to past relationships and men. It will release the feelings of being offended, angry, and disappointed.

It heals the whole family line and especially the women in it from negative feelings towards men and will bring fresh new energy and ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships, family and partnerships. It will release delusions that one is not worthy or valuable or any condescending or demeaning attitude ingrained into the woman, such as that the only purpose of a woman is to bear children and give pleasure to men. The field will connect you to the archetypal feminine energy of a worthy, loved, respected, valued woman, a goddess in a happy and harmonious family.