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Why is it worthwhile to treat yourself to a field like the beauty pendant? Most, not all, are dissatisfied with the way they look. The nose too big, too few muscles, not attractive enough, that fields are desired to be more attractive for women or men. Some would also prefer to be in a different body. The range is wide in this regard for change. It could be attributed to a basic problem of feeling ugly and not beautiful. As seeing one’s individual beauty in oneself. This attitude of course also radiates into one’s own reality, with the effect that one is just ignored and thus only has moderate success with the opposite sex.
And in this sense it is more than helpful to change your point of view. To realize that you are a unique living being, with your own beauty, and when you internalize this, your own charisma on the environment changes and you are perceived as beautiful.
This also applies to men, if you look at men like Mick Jagger or Woody Allen who would not necessarily be awarded the most beautiful man in the world award, but who were mostly surrounded by very beautiful women.
So men dare, beauty isn’t just for women. They have other problems with beauty. So this is clearly a unisex field.
I came to the realization that the “Essence of Beauty” Dogtag from Dreamweaver could help me to remove a few blockages on my way. However, it is sold out at the moment and who knows when it will be available again. So this beauty pendant came like a gift from heaven. Especially since the essence goes in the same direction. Of course, I had to grab it right away. And it has already been shipped, according to Etsy. What more do you want.


Nice post, Sahiela!
Yes, all people are beautiful, but because of some traumas and opinions, пеопле got a distorted point of view for themselves.


Any new reviews for this or the Charisma pendant? I was looking to buy them during the holidays.

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hey i found some :smiley:


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