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Limited Edition

(Only 4 available)

‘Regalia’ is a Latin word that refers to the exclusive privileges of a sovereign. As a sovereign being, you have the privilege of manifesting your reality according to your free will. The Manifesting globe is designed to help you with this.

There are many manifestation methods and if you are reading this, it means you are familiar with a few. Anyone who attempted manifestation has had the experience that many things may manifest easily, especially if they are not that important to us (which leads to us not having resistance to them), and others may not happen as we hope, or not happen at all. The reason for this is that we have subconscious beliefs that may stop the manifestation. Our subconscious job is to protect us and assure our survival. If there is something that we consciously want but subconsciously fear or believe it is not in our best interest, it will simply not manifest until we discover it and change that subconscious belief. The problem here is that by definition our subconscious is unknown to us and we can’t see our own beliefs. In this orb, we have inbuilt a highly intelligent field that is capable of discovering if you have any subconscious blocks to your desire and bringing them to your conscious mind. And that is not all, after you have become aware of them, there is a command you can give the field to clear and resolve those blocks and replace them with the highest truth and correct belief of the matter and when you have cleared all your hidden resistance, manifest your desire for your highest good.

The globe pendant is designed to open, so you are able to put inside a piece of paper with handwritten instructions of what you would like to manifest.

The globe can only be used for you, meaning, you can not ask things to manifest in other people’s lives. It will not work if you attempt to manifest something for another person.

It can only be used for good and with good intentions. It is not allowed to violate anyone’s free will, make them do something they don’t want to, cause harm or misfortune for another, or even for yourself. The field has been programmed to reject such requests and will not work in such a case.

For example, you can not use the field to make someone love or marry you, to get someone’s job or property, to make them give you something they don’t want to, etc.

What you can do is find a most compatible partner, find an amazing, deeply fulfilling job, manifest abundance, etc.

It is our suggestion when manifesting, ask for the end result you would like and do not fixate on the ‘how’. Ask for love and the best partner for you and not a specific lover, ask for a great job, not a specific position you now think is great, etc. The Universe may have much better options for you, that would have been unimaginable before they appear.

How to use the Manifesting Globe

The field responds to three commands: 1. Counsel, 2. Resolve, 3. Manifest

Sit quietly in meditation. Have a pen and paper prepared. When you feel calm and focused, write your desired outcome on the piece of paper. Be concise. Use present tense i.e ‘I have abundance’, ‘I have a loving, compatible partner’. Fold it and put it inside the globe. See your wish inside the field.

Use the first command: “Counsel” and remain in meditation attentive to your thoughts and feelings. The field will analyze your subconscious mind for any hidden beliefs in regard to your wish and make you aware of them. You will suddenly realize what is your real attitude towards your desire. If you have fears connected to it you will feel them. If you subconsciously reject that reality you will know why.

When you are ready, use the second command: “Resolve”. The field will remove and clear all beliefs that are wrong and obstruct your success. It will replace them with the highest truth of the matter.

Continue sitting in meditation. Check your desire again. See how you feel about it now. Do you still feel some uneasiness about it? If so, repeat the first command-“Counsel”. More layers of the issue may come up. Work them through with the command “Resolve”.

When you are completely satisfied and ready, you can use the third command: “Manifest”. Remain in meditation and observe your thoughts, feelings, and imagery that comes into your mind.

The energetically programmed field will connect your desire to the universal force and make it manifest in the highest, most beneficial way for you and according to your divine timing, soul purpose, and mission.

There are only 4 Manifestation Globes available.


Will it also be available as a mandala?

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I think this is a very good field, of course, other fields are also great

I really hope this field can become a mandala. Due to the epidemic situation and customs clearance around the world, the pendant I bought before has not been received yet, and the goods are still on the way. It has been more than two months since the purchase. If it is a mandala, it is very convenient to buy and download it directly

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This pendant is shipped via DHL express and should be with you in a few days. There are other items, from a different manufacturer that do take long . We are thinking of discontinuing them as that wait is way too long.

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Will more pendants with this field be created in the future?

@DarkMatter No, this is limited edition, only 4 are available (actually, now there are 3 left) and we won’t make more pendants with that field.


Has anyone had any great experience with this orb? More belief in their dreams? Desires?

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Etsy still shows 4 available.

For me it shows that only 1 is available

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Now I also see only 1. Earlier, it said 4 available, 1+3 in the cart (order fast) or something like that

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