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Hi guys,I have a folder with mandala manager 2,field emitter,optimizer,linifinitely repeater and various other mandalas,as well as a txt file of affirmations.What I would like to know is whether every day I have to open and read the affirmations or is it enough for me to activate them with the infinitely repetater to automate the process?If yes how should I activate them?(i mean like the others with “activate”?Thank you very much

As far as i know you only say activate to the manager and the emitter.

The optimizer is not needed. And the other mandalas are not needed to activate when you have the manager.

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You don’t have to read the affirmations.
Only activate the Digital Mandala once.
And you can activate the Infinitely repeater and give the order to boost your affirmations and then you can give the order to desactivate when you had enough.


Thank you

Thank you very much

Another question to @Polaris please… When I activated Manager, Emitter and Repeater if I add more affirmations I don’t have to repeat the activation right?

The Manager and the Emitter have to be activated only once. When I add something new to the Repeater, I don’t activate it, but I use something like “Add those affirmations (think or read them around) to the loop.” I call it ‘Loop’ for my own convenience. Fields are intelligent, especially this one.
When you already have a folder with affirmations, the Repeater should detect new affirmations automatically if you’ve set the intention to loop/repeat affirmations from the folder. So you don’t need to do anything. Like I said, this field is super responsive.


You are very very kind!!!thanks

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How should this be accomplished? When the repeater is connected to me through the manager, can I enhance a specified affirmation statement/file and mandala by mentally telling the repeater to “loop xxx.txt” or “loop DM:xxx”? In my concept, this would be an automated process to boost the effect of affirmations or mandalas automatically without me having to actively activate the repeater and say anything, so it would be very convenient!

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Yes, you can do that.


So are the .mp3/m4a/wav?

Yes. But I think it would be good to play this with IR open. It should work without, but I found more success when I initiated the process like this. It’s like tech-meditation.