Aesthetic Body without Testosterone (Patreon Exclusive)

I found aesthetic body without testosterone interesting but i am an obese person with 30% body fat… can i use it to become fit, lose weight and have 10% body fat. i


maybe yes :smiley:

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This field will function as a mimetic stack of all basic hormones to promote significant muscle growth, immense strength, and a lean body with low body fat.

It will also inhibit the aromatase enzyme and reduce all unwanted estrogens and female hormones for 24-48 hours (strong effect).

The product will encourage extremely safe and high androgen receptor sensitivity and density within the muscles.

One of the keys to lean gains is insulin sensitivity, so this production will improve insulin sensitivity as if you were on really effective stuff.

However, the body recovers when cortisol is controlled, balanced, and reduced, so this production will lower cortisol to a level that your body needs.

It will also keep you healthy and free from any side effects to your scalp/hair, prostate, genitals, heart area, and your entire body that high-boosted hormones can harm.

Furthermore, it will enhance glands and organs to a superhuman level and will promote unconditional love and energy throughout the body to produce all those hormones properly and directly inside the muscles, giving you your ideal aesthetic body.

As a bonus effect, this production will provide you with a hulk-strong frame, superhumanly strong spine and bones, ligaments, tendons to aid your strength training, and a bronze-tanned, beautiful skin to highlight your muscle definition.