Which stack should i use to be more physically attractive?

Stack 1;
Male Face Golden Ratio
Male Body Golden Ratio
Greek God Beauty

Stack 2;
Warrior Skull
Hunter Eyes
Greek God Beauty

When I used Greek God Beauty consistently, it gave me Hunter eyes, so you definitely do not need that one. It should give warrior skull in time too, but my face structure is far from that feature.

I haven’t used the others in stack one, but atleast those won’t overlap. If you have any acne on your face or want to look super healthy I’d reccommend DNA Repair for attractiveness too. And any self love field/ sacral+heart chakra work will also make your eyes and inner self more attractive as well.


Have you seen any physical changes from the three Greek God series audios or the Ultimate God Body audio?

I used it for a few months, did not see much and stopped using it and replaced it with another creator’s audio. Also, the audios are long, so was not sure if I needed to loop them or just once is enough.

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I gave up on Ultimate God Body because it took too long and I saw much better results with just using Greek God Test + working out on my own + other creators automated workouts.

The Greek God Androgen Receptors works, but that was included in the test audio so I stopped that one.

Only other one I used was Greek God Beauty - it worked when I was incredibly consistent. The effects didn’t last long, but I also was not serious with it nor had it in my stack for more than one month.

Nowadays I only use the Test one, but I’d use the Beauty again, before I would think about trying the Body one again. Too much sacrifice on the stack. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: And honestly bro, having the test audio alone should be making your face more masculine, atleast it does for me. (think about those guys on juice with the really masculine faces, not gross like that, but an aesthetically pleasing masculine)