What is a "Mandala"? What are "Digital Mandalas"?

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I would like to know what is the definition of “Mandala”? What is a “Digital Mandala”? Thanks! :slight_smile:





In the same way that energetic programming can be attached to an audio recording, it can also be attached to an image (really, energy work can be attached to any artistic creation). That’s all a mandala is - an image that has energetic programming attached to it.

I think the term “digital mandala” is a marketing thing - a way to let people know that it’ll work whether you print it out or display it on tech devices. In this way, the terms can be seen as interchangeable.


I want Brahmacharya digital mandala. From where can I get it?

Official Website …. if they have one

Hey can you tell me that how we use Maitreya mandalas i have downloaded and made them my wallpaper is there anything more that i have to do in order to activate them you know what im sayin? Is this the right way?

im not “notfrank” , if you dont mind

its still best as printed ( for those two i belive the range is 5cm )

or using field emitter

those two are always active, no activation words required

Thanks mate!

Hi, I purchased a DM and printed it on an A4 paper. I put it in my phone case folded several times. Will it work ?

Yes, it will work. You can print the mandalas in an even smaller size.
Their range is 30cm so if the mandalas are farther away than you, they won’t work.
This way you can put them also away at night when you sleep so you can have better rest and sleep without energetical stimulation (if you need that).

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