Understanding energy programming and subliminal affirmations

I have run several subliminal flush scripts that were custom made for removing sexual affirmations. For 4 months I tried to remove them and failed.

I discovered that I ran an energy programming script Bhramcharya V2 / Energetically Programmed Audio.

So, I am now running the DM: Revision - Full Restart that is used for Energetically Programmed scripts. It will delete all affirmations, energy work, fields and other stuff that are layered on your true essence.

My Question is, will the DM:Revision only effect the Energetically Programmed or will it also effect the subliminal affirmations.

Another question. I have been using the DM:revision placed both on my phone and i printed out the image that I keep on myself.

How long will it take to flush the Energetically Programming out of my system. I Need to have the Energetically Programmed affirmation “If You See Nude Pictures Or Porn Videos Then It Will Raise Your Vibration” removed.

So far after 24 hours of using the DM:Revision the Energetically Programming affirmation is still causing the vibration to be raised.

Thank you for your help and time


Since it says “all affirmations” I am confident it will also take care of subliminal affirmations. All subliminal messages are affirmations. The subliminal messages we had before we had subliminal messages were affirmations. The old books advise you to repeat the affirmation many times a day until it slips past your conscious mind into your subconscious. These were pre-subliminal messages. Or subliminal messages before we could automate the process with tapes and mp3s.

How long I do not know. I think you’ll know when you reach the point. You could let us know. It’s probably going to be different for different people so I’m not sure anyone could tell you how long.


@Atreides thank you for your input.

I think Maitreya already answered you that she will reverse the effects of the fields you used, but just to state again-Maitreya fields are not affirmations and not subluminals, so you can’t remove them by such scripts.


Yes @Maitreya has said she will remove the Fields I used, i have given her the information she requested. I am thankful for that. I understand that they are not affirmations and not subliminal. I am just taken in by how powerful this energy programming is and just want to understand it more. I open another discussion asking just about Energy programming and @Maitreya point me to a link she wrote. I am so grateful for the help of everyone on this forum. thank you