Till We Meet Again

There is a dis-ease permeating in the consciousness of humans, fear of dying, the queen of all fears. Denied diligent scrutiny to substantiate its defensibility as an undeniable transformation of consciousness, the notion of death has lodged itself as fear in the subconscious of billions as it passed on in the DNA for generations.
Paralyzing human beings into highly disturbing emotional states, fear of dying has sabotaged the quintessential paradigm of human potential for a joyful living in the now, in flesh and in spirit alike.
It’s irrational to permit any fear - an active form of Self destruction - to eclipse our intimate environment and disturb our already compromised energetic balance. We swim in the sea of dense and toxic energies and live in perpetual worry and anxiety while it is very possible for us to live in the world of harmonic consciousness manifested through connecting to higher Self that aligns with vibrations of universal consciousness. It’s a choice we must make, a decision that starts with desire to eradicate fear from the consciousness which can be effectively accomplished through connection to heart knowing and deliberate intention. Fear of dying has a particularly debilitating effect on the psyche since the mind accepts death as an end to life rather than an end to this life’s journey. The fear itself, perceived by the mind as real, is vastly perpetuated and encouraged by control seekers as a means of submission to their personal agendas. The very fabric of fear of dying is actively manipulated to remain in the collective unconscious. Consequently, it has created emotional torment in the psyche thus blocking access to the higher Self and the ability to remember our spiritual essence. Eradicate this dis-ease from our consciousness we must since it clearly serves to disempower us from realizing who we are. It limits the very potential to raise our vibrational field and access higher consciousness where spiritual truths are vastly available. Fear filled consciousness vibrates at a very low level disabling our soul’s potential of convergence with omnipotent universal consciousness. The greater the fear the larger the risk to submerge to the madness of malevolent influences.
Death is an end and a beginning. It is nothing more than a passage to a sphere of celestial reality. Death is merely shedding of the matter (flesh) and entering an ethereal realm awareness of pure being. It is a transition to a state where soul reunites with spirit, a state where profound fusion with universal consciousness becomes. If we understand death as soul’s return to her true essence, we will release the fear of dying from our consciousness and awaken to realization of our immortality. Discernment of soul’s immortality is repressed by the erroneous beliefs of our finite existence. We must step into our innate power and evoke the heart knowing of our true essence. We are immortal beings experiencing life in a three dimensional reality having embodied in the flesh. The fear will have transmuted into a delightful recognition of Self. Likewise, we should take delight in rejoicing for those who pass on before us so the tears we shed become the tears of joy and not of pain over the loss. We need to stop dwelling in misery of parting, instead be content in anticipation of meeting them again soon. And that we will.
When the desire to merge with the higher Self deepens, the dis-ease vanishes and soon emerges our yearning to arouse others to the revelations of their own divine essence.


People who have experienced the near-death experience often developed psychic gifts and expanded spiritually afterwards.

Another thing is when someone close to you dies, and you can’t accept it. I saw many souls trapped in this world because their relatives couldn’t let them go. In some countries, November is the month they pray for those who have passed. They gather in cemeteries and contemplate death.
I think it’s easier for spiritual but not religious people to accept death than for those who think that there is one life then Hell, Heaven or Purgatory.