5th dimension

I didn’t believe that the earth would be moving towards the 5th dimension, but now I believe, some people say that anyone who doesn’t agree with the earth’s frequency will be “invited” to leave, clearly saying will be forced to leave, some say that the amount of negativity that will be accumulated in the body will make the disincarnation happen one way or another, what do you think?

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Lots of people say lots of silly things.

If your soul decides that it wants you to remain and be a part of the story of humanity on Earth, then you’ll stay. If it decides it doesn’t, then you won’t stay. It’s simple. You decide for you - always.


I think ascension is an individual thing for the most part. I feel I am 4D now. It’s up to you to go to Heaven.

we are going through a lot of clearing and upgrades now, so that as many people as possible will be able to handle the new frequency. that being said, some people will choose (or rather, have already chosen) not to ascend their consciousness in this lifetime. so they will have to continue living out the rest of their life (or a new incarnation) in 3D to complete the lessons and experiences they still need to experience. those who are able to hold the frequency of 5D and higher are those who choose love, and those who choose a path of service-to-others instead of service-to-self. you simply cannot be in a world of a higher vibration if you yourself are not at that same vibration. I don’t know how that will show up when it comes to people “leaving”. there are different ways it could happen, and it will show up in the way that’s right for each individual person and the timeline they are on. it’s important to keep in mind, whatever happens with them, they have chosen that experience.